Can Jesus trust you in 2021?

Dear beloved,

Can Jesus trust you with his sheep just as he did with Peter? The new testament apostles made Christ proud by using their lives and every resource they had to bring more believers to the body of Christ.

In Matthew 16:17-19, Jesus asked them by asking Simon (Peter) to take care of His sheep. Jesus has sheep and we are these sheep. As for Simon, Jesus made him the stone on which Jesus built his Church on earth. What a blessing!

Many scholars of the bible argue that the stone is not actually Peter. But they are all wrong. Let’s take a close look at the actual words of Jesus:

So we see one of the major blessing and promotion that Simon receives as a result of his knowledge of the Christ. Wow! The rock from which Simon was named is in deed the rock on which the church of Christ is built. This blessing is such that Jesus made Simon the first to become a Pastor in the Body of Christ in John 21:13-18.

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God bless you, Evangelist Fabrice

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