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The Gate. The Door. The Vail.

There were three entrances in the Tabernacle arrangement which include:- the “gate” to the “outer court” (Exodus 27:16-19). the “door” to the “holy place” (Exodus 26:36-37; 36:37-38). the “vail” to the “holy of holies.” (i.e. “Most Holy”) (Exodus 26:31-33). All three entrances were made of the same material: a fine white woven linen with blue, purple and scarlet threads running through the material (Exodus 38:18). […]

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Can Jesus trust you in 2021?

Dear beloved, Can Jesus trust you with his sheep just as he did with Peter? The new testament apostles made Christ proud by using their lives and every resource they had to bring more believers to the body of Christ. In Matthew 16:17-19, Jesus asked them by asking Simon (Peter) to take care of His […]

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Chapter 1: The Ministry in the Primative Church, by John Knox

The Ministry in Historical Perspectives by H. Richard Niebuhr and Daniel D. Williams (eds.) [John Knox was an ordained Episcopal minister. After serving a number of parishes he taught New Testament at Emory University, Fisk University, Hartford Theological Seminary, the University of Chicago, and finally at Union Theological Seminary from 1943 to 1966. His many […]

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