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One-World Church Expected This Year

by Cornelia R. Ferreira DESCRIPTION The plans for the United Religions Organization, a one-world church, is about to become institutionalized. Collaborating are Episcopalian Bishop William Swing, the Gorbachev Foundation and certain leaders of the Catholic Church. LARGER WORK Christian Order PAGES 135-145 PUBLISHER & DATE Christian Order Limited, March 1997 Acknowledgements to Catholic Family News. […]

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The One world religion members now defending themselves

One world religion? Opinion 3/20/2019 byFather Kenneth Doyle Pope Francis and Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb, grand imam of Egypt’s al-Azhar mosque and university, sign documents during an interreligious meeting at the Founder’s Memorial in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 4, 2019. CNS photo/Paul Haring Q. Recently, Pope Francis signed a document with Muslim leaders about […]

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