The establishment process of The Luciferians, ‘ONE WORLD SYSTEM’

Pope Francis to religious leaders of the world: We build the future together or there will be no future

Latarsha Ellis
July 8, 2020

‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse
There’s been protests all around the world seeking peace and justice, but not during this particular march. Most people were anxious to see the solar eclipse, while the Luciferians had a different agenda. These protests for a one world government took place at nine of the city capitals on June 21, 2020. With all of the racial tension and changes being made to ease a history of slavery, Luciferians are not very happy about the leftists removing historical statues. In fact, rumors have been circulating that Luciferian statues may be erected in place of the old ones.

One World Religion

One world religion refers to the merging of all existing religions, to establish a single global religion. In the picture shown above, Pope Francis meets with religious leaders from all around the world, urging them to build a future together or there will be no future at all. Many premillennialist Christians believe that the Antichrist will establish one world religion, based on Satanism and the occult, associated with one world government. In ROME REPORTS, an article published on April 3, 2019 reveals Pope Francis speaking with an audience of Muslims, telling them that God wants a fraternity among Muslims and Catholics. “Conversion is not your mission, pope tells Catholics in Morocco”, according to an article in REUTERS. He encourages everyone to live in brotherhood with other faiths, which is opposite of what the bible teaches.

One World Currency

The WAll STREET JOURNAL mentions how central banks are getting closer to issuing their own digital currency, which means the dollar might face competition as the world’s dominant currency. Central banks such as the Federal Reserve already issue digital money with the Commercial banks that have accounts with them. With a digital currency, transactions could happen in real time, and fees would be lower or nonexistent. Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, said technological developments provide the potential for such a world to emerge, but also highlighted the risks of the current dollar-dominant system and how many large nations have experimented with exploring the digital currency.

One World Government

The concept of one world government is that there can be one common political authority for all of humanity. Such a government can have jurisdiction over the entire world. This type of government can be formed through force, or peaceful and voluntary. Globalists have the belief that uniting people of all nations will prevent conflicts and wars, creating a utopia for humanity. Conservative Christians believe the one-world government is a rebellion against God, leading to the Antichrist.


In several places, only Christians showed up for most of the planned Luciferian marches. The Luciferians greeted citizens with a letter to help them fulfill prophecy and form a One World Government. At the end of the letter, it says: Lucifer is love Lucifer is life. My grandma would often say that we’re living in some last and evil days, but I really believe it now. Everyone seems to be speaking a lot about “oneness”, which bothers me. I’m not in favor of globalism, all religions do not worship the same God, and digital currency seems crazy. In today’s world, I’m learning to expect the unexpected.

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