The Markets (and our money) are now mostly ‘Imaginary’ !

Traders and Investors seem unable to discern that our ‘money’ units are now ‘imaginary’. Why is this so?

Traders and investors buy/sell and trade all kinds of financial assets without realizing that all these monetary transactions are now imaginary (virtual) transactions. Deception runs so deep in the global markets now that our money units are mere bits and bytes (digits) within our computer screen. Let’s review the history of how this has all emerged in  the past 15 years. We now live in a connected world of high-speed computers which transfer data and information at near the speed of light (from sender to receiver). This information, including our currency digits (mere numbers in the computer screen), derive from the bits and bytes which start the data flow. What are bits and bytes? These units of consciousness start the data flow process. The digital age has emerged for our entire planet and few seem aware of this change!

The one’s and zero’s within a ‘bit’ and ‘byte’ get transformed into numbers and words as information is processed within our computer chip. The processing starts with the signal (a frequency wave or photon pulse) which is part of our electromagnetic spectrum. These immaterial waves of motion along with the action of light (photons) sends information from sender to receiver (from me to you). Fiber Optic Cables are the ‘carrier’ of these frequencies of information. Our entire planet is now wired with fiber optic cables which provide the infrastructure for all the networking and transfer of information between sender(s) and receiver(s). All of this information processing (the code) is now done within a ‘virtual’ environment which we can call the computer screen.
Pulses of light (photons) act as a mechanism for transferring the bits and bytes within a wired network and/or a wireless network. Since light travels at a speed of 186,000 m/p/s in a vacuum, information and data can now be transferred from computer to computer at ‘near’ the speed of light. For example:  I can now send a text, video, or voice message from my computer to yours (say in China) in less than 1/8 of a second. This is equivalent to sending a message in real-time (now). What a world we now live in. Communication and networking (financial, social, military, and political) is mostly ‘free’ for everyone with a computer or a similar device. Information is transferred at near the speed of light  (via wire or wirelessly).
This new world of communication has created a new financial and currency market and this has changed the way markets work and function. Practically all ‘open outcry’ systems for determining ‘prices’ have now been replaced with ‘electronic’ markets. Electronic markets and our money units (mere numbers and symbols) have now replaced ‘paper’ and ‘metal’ markets (our money units of the past). Money is no longer ‘printed’ or ‘minted’ (except for a small niche market). The vast majority of monetary transactions (some 96%) are now electronic transactions within the virtual environment of the computer screen. This environment evolved from the bits and bytes (units of information) which get transferred from computer to computer.
What we need to understand today is the ‘imaginary’ nature of our monetary transactions. Since ‘money’ is now created ‘out of nothing’ (mostly the consciousness of Central Bankers) and then converted to bits and bytes (digits) as numbers are ‘typed’ into a computer account, this new reality needs to be recognized by all traders, investors, lenders, and the public at large. We now have all our ‘debt’ and ‘unfunded’ obligations within the computer screen. This change means that virtual reality has become the philosophical structure for all financial transactions (past, present, and future). Material reality, the structure of historical monetary transactions (paper, checks, coins), have been replaced with virtual units that emerge from the consciousness of policymakers within the banking establishment. Paper becomes bits and bytes (digits).
Where is all this leading going forward? Can an ‘imaginary’ monetary system work for our global society? Can a decentralized network of computers where each trader, lender, and retail investor trades currencies, stocks, bonds, derivatives, futures, options, etc. via their personal computer (mostly privately) and via algorithms create any type of stable market environment? What is the purpose of money in this new global casino environment? Can real material wealth be ‘valued’ or ‘priced’ within this type of manipulated market environment? What is happening at the present moment within this imaginary/virtual market? Give this missive some thought at your leisure. I am:
Akoma Fabrice

I love God and his Christ. So I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ that I preach.

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