Jesus is your second Adam and Tree of Life

Published on July 3, 2020 by

Jesus, our second Adam and Tree of Life: Why do christians need to break bread today? The bible shows us that the tree of (eternal) life was already in the garden of Eden for Adam and Eve to eat of it in order to enjoy eternal life. Similarly, the bible say that the tree of the know of Good and evil was also in the middle of the garden, but God instructed Adam not to eat of it because He knew that Satan was already on the earth also. God knew that the devil would come to try to tempt, steal, kill and destroy Adam. Satan’s purpose was to push Adam to eat it before the appointed time of God.

In this expose, Evangelist Fabrice uses the below portions of the bible to show that Jesus is the second Adam and Tree of Life that christians need to maintain the God’s eternal Life till He comes for His Church at the last trumpet.


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