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This is an expose you do not want to miss. Once again, we are looking at the work Jesus really came to do, the reason why the church exist and essence of Christianity. If you have this understanding, you will have the right faith in Christ, which is the saving faith the bible talks about in Hebrews 11. 

In this life changing bible study, evangelist Fabrice Akoma outlines what Jesus really came to accomplish by showing the different phases of the ministry of Christ and His Church.

This message is so vital for anyone who wants to better serve God and live a victorious godly life of Christ. The message also helps you see with more clarity why Christianity is not a religion.

In the message, he traces the reason why Christ came by explaining that Christ came as a result of the damage caused by Lucifer firstly in the spiritual world of angels, but also in the world of mankind.

In his mission, while Christ is working to ensure the accomplishment of destruction of Lucifer and fallen angels, he is also in the process of creating a favorable environment where any man that will choose to follow him or God, will be saved from the final Judgement of the White Throne of Revelation chapter 20.

So any man that confesses to belong to Christ becomes a member of His Church on Earth, dead or alive.

While the church, in this period of grace of these end-times, is assisting Christ, the High Priest, in winning and preparing the souls for the final regeneration (rapture or final harvest) day. During this church age, the church is impacting the world that has become blinded by Lucifer whom many of them have made their god. He is the antichrist who has been deceiving men and the powers of this world in the background. From the time of Adam and Eve, Lucifer has been turning men into anti-God and his Christ. As a result, all the generations of the world have been governed by anti-christ systems, ideologies and philosophies. We have now entered the phase of the end-times when Luficer will make himself known as the false Christ that the Church know as the antichrist.


1 Corinthians 15 verse 27 – 34 shows that The ministry of Christ and the church will not end at the rapture. The church will assist the Christ to judge both the world of unsaved men and the (fallen) angels who rebelled against God.

So the mission of Christ will only end when he has subjected himself and all rule and authority back to God the Father.

Akoma Fabrice

I love God and his Christ. So I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ that I preach.

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