About us

MyZOE™ is a digital devotional tool used by Christians around the world. The platform offers inspiring bible teachings – dozens of teachings added each month. Visitors and members can watch Bible programs 100% free in real time as per their demand and even download them on their devices so they can view them at any time.

MyZOE has the mission to prepare the church of Jesus Christ and the nations of the world for both the coming of Jesus Christ and the rapture of the body of Christ.

Launched by Evangelist Fabrice AKOMA ESSONO in 2014, first on WhatsApp, MyZOE today is a growing network reaching every continent with a broad range of inspirational and life-changing recorded programming weekly.

Our bible teaching content

MyZOE does not prioritize the world’s most respected pastors, Bible teachers, and Christian leaders. It focuses on the traditional bible doctrines of Jesus Christ that brings real conversion, redemption and salvation to men.

MyZOE distributes its content 100% FREE  to any television stations willing to reach nations for Christ! MyZOE has an unmatched and disruptive teaching content designed for every age group and life experience.

We offer global news related to bible prophecies.

In order to help Christians prepare for the rapture of the church and to discern the times we are in, MyZOE provides exclusive news, current events, and documentary programs for the church of Christ.

Our evangelistic tool

MyZOE uses cutting-edge technology to reach more viewers around the world with programming that entertains, inspires, and changes lives through God’s message of hope and grace. From its online archive giving viewers access to tens of thousands of life-impacting programs, to its mobile app that brings more than a dozen global MyZOE networks to smart phones, iPads, and tablets anywhere in the world — MyZOE continues to be the standard bearer for faith-and-family broadcasting across the earth.

Our mission, as a global believers network, is to place the Christ-like, faith-filled, uplifting, inspiring and bible programming into every home and person on earth. We believe that “people and our homes are the heart of all activities. Out of the heart are “the issues of life”; and the heart of the community, of the church, and of the nation is the household. The well-being of society, the success of the church, the prosperity of the nation, depend upon home influences.” This is why we are convinced that every home needs to have faith-filled, uplifting, bible teachings.

Over the past 20 years we have been researching the best way to reach out to the world with the message of salvation in Christ and now MyZOE is instrumental in reaching thousands of men, women, homes and businesses throughout the world. With great interest in Christian Media, Satellite and Television industry, MyZOE is a leader in cutting edge technology and customer service. We are certain that we are able to provide you with the Christian media experience in your mobile device and home.

We hope that our service will provide you with the joy that it brings us, enabling in a greater reach of the ‘good news’ in Africa and the world. In the future we hope to connect you to even greater variety of Christian media content.

We are dedicated in helping our local communities in Africa and the world to live better lives. That is why we have helped a number of local church community projects as they reached out to their communities. We have also distributed our DVDs to a number of drug rehab centres and shelters and we continue to send them absolutely free.

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1 Timothy 6:11-13

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