MUST WE GIVE OR PAY TITHES? TO WHOM IS THIS COMPULSORY? How must we manage church finances to serve the body of Christ?

Published on May 15, 2020 by

IS TITHING RELEVANT TODAY? ARE WE AS CHURCH LEADERS ROBBING GOD? HOW ARE WE MANAGING THE MONIES OF THE SAINTS OF CHRIST? In this session, Evangelist Fabrice AKOMA explains Malachi 3: 1-12 in detail and connect it to the modern local churches to demonstrate how their leaders worldwide have been robbing God by misusing church finances, while also keeping ignorant Christians in fear of having the devourer destroy their finances if they do not pay their tithes. In this session, evangelist also shows that the real people that God directly spoke to were the high priest and the sons of Levi (church leaders) as the main problem, then the nation due to the disobedience of their leaders.

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